Pornhub Traffic Dips During World Cup Finals

Pornhub Traffic Dips During World Cup Finals

CYBERSPACE — Pornhub has crunched the numbers following the 2018 World Cup finals on Sunday, July 15. They found that traffic dropped “significantly” in counties where the local teams were playing, among other insights.

Prior to kickoff in the finals match between France and Croatia, traffic to Pornhunb dropped 24 percent in France and 46 percent in Croatia.

Pornhub World Cup Insights, France versus CroatiaCroatian traffic began rising in the second half of the game, while traffic from France steadily dropped.

“Perhaps some Croatians had given up hope of seeing their team win,” a site rep speculated.

After the game concluded, traffic remained lower than usual in France and “recovered quickly” in Croatia. “Perhaps Croatian fans were looking to cheer themselves up, while those in France were too busy celebrating.”

During a deeper dive into the numbers, Pornhub learned that “each time a match went into extra time, traffic saw a significant drop.

For example, while “none of France’s games went into overtime, they still saw big drops during each match. The semi-final game against Belgium saw almost as many fans tune out of Pornhub to watch their team play.”

Worldwide, traffic dropped by 11 percent during the World Cup, with Croatia (down 66 percent) and France (down 55 percent) recording the deepest plunge.

Pornhub World Cup biggest drops by country.Venezuela also dropped 55 percent. The next largest drops were from Bulgaria (down 45%), Slovenia (down 40 percent) and Hong Kong and Switzerland, which both marked a drop of 33 percent.

The United States, which typically drives the most traffic to Pornhub, dropped a mere 5 percent during the World Cup.

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