Adam & Eve Surveys Gender Identity, Public Restrooms

Adam & Eve Surveys Gender Identity, Public Restrooms

HILLSBOROUGH, NC — A new survey by Adam & Eve asked 1,000 adults if they felt transgender men and women should use public restrooms that match the gender identity they were assigned at birth.

The survey found 30 percent of the respondents — 24 percent of the women, 38 percent of the men — felt “transgender people should be required to use the restroom that matches their assigned birth gender.”

However, 48 percent of those who responded to the survey  — 55 percent of the women and 43 percent of the men — said “transgender individuals whould use the restroom that matches their identity.”

An additional 21 percent, encompassing 22 percent of the women and 19 percent of the men, were “unsure.”

Dr. Jenni Skyler, resident sexologist for Adam & Eve, said she found the response to be “encouraging.”

“I’m grateful for the 18 states, plus Washington DC, that have bathroom bills inclusive of transgender individuals. I’m hopeful for the other 32 to follow suit.”

“It is my opinion that every human on this planet is entitled to the right to safety in both public and private spheres.”

An independent third party conducted the web-based survey, which was sponsored by Adam & Eve.

“The purpose of Adam & Eve’s annual sex survey is to gauge changing sexual attitudes and values with American adults,” Adam & Eve Director of Marketing Chad Davis said.

Earlier this year, an Adam & Eve survey asked whether sex organs determine gender. Click here for the results.

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