Williams Trading Announces Full Integration With Inventory Source

Williams Trading Announces Full Integration With Inventory Source

CYBERSPACE — Williams Trading Co. has announced it has dropped its shipment services, and fully integrated with Inventory Source, which is compatible with Shopify. 

According to the company, the new partnership allows internet retailers to automatically upload products, sync inventory and route orders with the company’s complete data feed of over 19,000 items.

Inventory Source is fully compatible with Shopify and will work virtually with any online store, marketplace or e-commerce platform. Inventory Source is also compatible with Amazon, Ebay, Magento, Wordpress, Magento and many more marketplaces.

This system allows auto-upload product data including all images. E-commerce retailers can keep inventory in sync with no manual file imports. 

“This allows our customers to stay synced to our product data, images and inventory levels to maximize sales,” said Rich Pyne, vice president of eCommerce sales.

Auto send of orders is also in place for all daily orders including shipment tracking.

“If you are starting in the Adult product space in eCommerce and selling a number of adult items, we recommend Inventory Source to integrate your data feed,” said Scott D., director of marketing and sales. “This simple program also will allow you to adjust MSRP pricing and monitor MAP pricing requirements.” Scott D Director Marketing & Sales

Williams Trading Co. Drop Shipment services offer several alternatives for e-commerce product integration, the company reported.

For additional information on Inventory Source please visit the FAQ product link here. Inventory automation requires a monthly integration charge based on selected plans and requirements.