Axel Abysse Breaks Boundaries With FTM Star Cyd St. Vincent

Axel Abysse Breaks Boundaries With FTM Star Cyd St. Vincent

CYBERSPACE — Tokyo-based indie pornographer Axel Abysse is touting “Read My Lips,” a flip-fisting matchup with FTM star Cyd St. Vincent.

“Known for his sexual pioneering, Axel meets and passionately devours transman Cyd,” a rep says.

“Their exploration of each other’s holes is groundbreaking: vaginal fisting and double anal fisting push them into very long, loud orgasms.”

Abysse notes the encounter was his first experience with vaginal fisting.

“I was following Cyd online for awhile, saw he could take a fist in his vagina and I found it really hot,” he said. “So I contacted him and we planned to meet when I visited the U.S.”

St. Vincent called the experience “one of the hottest fucks I’ve had on film.”

"Axel swallowed my fist in a way that plays over and over in my mind. Flip-fisting fucks will change your life."

Abysse expressed a desire to portray “real sex” and “break the masc-for-masc habit of the gay scene,” he said. “I am happy I get to play with men of all shapes and colors. We are real people, we’re out there, we love, we fuck hard and it is beautiful.”

“I’m not trying to push any boundaries. I’m being true to myself, my desires and my fantasies in everything I create.”

He hopes the sexplay with St. Vincent will inspire viewers. “If it opens eyes to someone who never imagined fisting or sex with a transgender man could be his thing,” he said, “then it’s even better.”

“Whether with a penis, a vagina, an anus or whatever, what matters is the connection with that partner, and the joy that comes out of it. In this case, Cyd has a fistable vagina and I have a fistable anus.”

“We love it wrecked and we both enjoyed fucking each other very much.”

View “Read My Lips” at Abysse’s website here.

Follow him on Twitter here. Find St. Vincent’s Twitter handle here.