Ivy Wolfe Fends Off Feelings in PureTaboo's 'What My Cousin Did'

Ivy Wolfe Fends Off Feelings in PureTaboo's 'What My Cousin Did'

MONTREAL — PureTaboo is taking its family roleplay dramas into kissing cousin territory in “What My Cousin Did,” starring Ivy Wolfe and Robby Echo.

In the car with her parents on the way to a family reunion, Wolfe is unnerved when she finds out that her second cousin Todd (Echo) will be there. 

“Whatever happened to you guys?” wonders Wolfe’s mom. “You all used to be best friends … wherever you went, he’d go and vice-versa.” Wolfe, clearly bothered by the inevitable face-to-face with Todd, responds, “You grow up, I guess…”

Directed by Craven Moorehead with a script by scene producer Bree Mills, “What My Cousin Did” explores the “uncomfortable notion of spending time with a family member — and the off-limits attraction that can result — when two people enjoy each other’s company a bit too much.”

“I think on some level many of us have had the occasion to feel inappropriate feelings for a distant family member that we have a lot in common with,” Mills said. “You’re excited about seeing them but at the same time ashamed because these nagging feelings come up. How do you choose to deal with those feelings?”

The trailer and full scene for “What My Cousin Did” are available at PureTaboo.com/What-My-Cousin-Did.

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