Girlfriends Films Receives 2 Inked Awards Noms

VALENCIA, Calif. — Girlfriends Films received two nominations for the upcoming 2018 Inked Awards, presented by Inked Angels.

The nominations were announced Monday and included two for the all-girl studio — Studio of the Year and Best Girl/Girl Scene for Romi Rain (Inked Awards Female Performer of the Year 2017, 2015) and Jenna Sativa in “Netskirts 17.0.”

The Inked Awards are scheduled to take place Nov. 3.

Girlfriends Films was the only all-girl studio to ink a nomination in the “Studio of the Year” category. Upon hearing the news, Moose, president of Girlfriends Films was ecstatic.

“To be recognized in a mainstream dominated category is such an incredible honor for myself and our whole team,” he said. “Congrats to all the nominees and to our amazing directors, cast and crew! Girlfriends fans who have been with us from the beginning know we have worked hard to build an all-inclusive brand in a very niche market while maintaining the highest standard of quality entertainment. We are truly thankful and incredibly stoked to be included in this year’s noms.”

Dan O’Connell, founder of Girlfriends Films and director of “Netskirts 17.0” was equally delighted. Reflecting on what it was like working with Rain and Sativa on their nominated scene, O’Connell said, “I have never worked with a performer who has more energy than Romi. She goes at it hard and long, especially with the grinding. Putting her with Jenna Sativa — who is also a top performer — was a no-brainer. Both are aggressive as well as highly energetic.”

The director goes on to compliment Rain’s acting skills, “Really, I think Romi is one of the few girls in the business who could crossover into mainstream acting. And she really needs to be doing hair commercials!  She is beautiful and talented. Romi is one of those rare performers who gives me back more good dialogue than what the script calls for.  I usually cast her as a tough girl but I also give her character a comedic side as she can do that quite well, too.”

The winners of the Inked Awards will be announced Nov. 3. Fan voting in select categories begins today and runs until Aug. 2.

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