ThePornDude Unveils Discrete Nighttime Viewing Display

LOS ANGELES — ThePornDude is offering a night viewing option that activates a darker display for a more comfortable browsing experience.

The new dark template offers users “an enhanced online experience with minimal distraction,” ThePornDude’s Geoffrey Celen said.

He notes the typical bright white display is appropriate for daytime viewing. However, with the new night viewing option “foreground content stands out much better against the dark background. Our users can focus more closely on our porn site reviews and rankings.”

He notes the night viewing option reduces eyestrain and the darker color palette allows for a more discrete experience when viewed with a mobile device.

“Our users value privacy,” Celen said. “This is a great way to explore adult entertainment options without an obvious (bright) screen.”

“We’re excited with this new option and we hope fans are, too.”

Explore the new feature at their website here.

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