Channel 1 Releasing to Debut Full Menu of Products at ANME

Channel 1 Releasing to Debut Full Menu of Products at ANME

LOS ANGELES — Channel 1 Releasing will introduce a varied slate of products at the ANME this month, among them a sexual health-and-wellness line called SexRX.

The line is set to include all-natural sexual energy enhancers, anal desensitizing creams, colon cleansing supplements and more.

A new “toy cleaner concept” will “revolutionize how people clean their toys,” Channel 1 Releasing CEO Rob Novinger said. “We can’t wait to demonstrate it to buyers.”

A quartet of SKUs has been added to the company’s Boneyard line.

Rob Reimer, Channel 1 Releasing CMO, notes two new silicone dongs would have different handle attachments.

“These are the first dongs in the Boneyard line, super high-end and really large,” he said, adding the feature had been requested by retailers during in-store training.

“They come with an interchangeable silicone handle and suction cup which connect with an ABS connector that is super-strong,” allowing for multiple uses for the product.

Reimer said the company will launch the “finalized version” of their Piss Holer silicone sounding kit that will include a vibrating bullet “held in by a loop on the top and can be interchanged with the other sizes.”

“The vibration runs down the entire length of the sound and has seven speeds to choose from.”

The company’s Rascal line, which will also include two silicone dongs with the removable handle and suction cup attachments, will feature “a more simple and compact clamshell that will focus more on the product and save valuable space on walls.”

Two “incredibly soft and stretchy silicone extenders,” Reimer said, are “a big step forward in that category compared to what is on the market now.”

Novinger notes customers “are going to be blown away by how truly functional and great these work. They give an extra inch or two and are so comfortable that you can barely tell you are wearing something.”

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