Treasure Island Media Touting TIMFILTH Flash Drives

Treasure Island Media Touting TIMFILTH Flash Drives

SAN FRANCISCO — Treasure Island Media is now offering TIMFILTH, comprising 32-gigabyte USB flash drives etched with the company’s skull ‘n’ bones logo and pre-loaded with branded content.

“I haven’t had a DVD player in my computer for years,” Treasure Island CEO Matt Mason said. “This is where I like to watch porn. The USB option caters to our entire customer base. It’s a big step forward to accommodate our loyal supporters.”

The port and cap are “chrome-wrapped against a crystalline block suspending TIM’s digitally etched logo,” Mason said. “While plugged in, a colored LED illuminates the Jolly Roger.”

Each USB drive carries a 10-year warranty and are compatible with Mac, PC and smart TVs.

Most skinflicks from the Treasure Island catalog are available for uploading.

Additionally, the TIMFILTH drive will contain related photo sets, teasers for upcoming releases, GIFs and artwork, “giving every customer an intimate look at what’s happening behind the scenes.”

Learn more about the TIMFILTH drives here.

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