Prowler Opens 1st Store Outside of the U.K.

Prowler Opens 1st Store Outside of the U.K.

SITGES, Spain — Gay retail brand Prowler has announced the opening of the first Prowler physical retail store outside of the U.K.

Prowler’s owner, ABS Group has partnered with former Prowler Soho General Manager Ian Coppock to open a new franchise store in Spain’s resort city of Sitges.

Situated eight miles from Barcelona, the company says iSitges has long been an elegant destination for gay tourists from around the world.

Prowler opened its first store in London’s Soho in 1997 and the flagship is still considered one of the “busiest gay lifestyle retail stores in Europe.”

Unique features from the Soho store are being replicated in Sitges, such as the Lube Bar’ that features a comprehensive selection of lube.

“Part of Prowler’s distinctive retail offer is that customers find not only a huge range of products but also high-quality customer service and comprehensive product knowledge,” the company said.

After more than 30 years in retail management including with John Lewis Partnership and Ikea, Coppock served several years as head of Prowler’s store operation in Soho and Brighton.

“With this experience, Ian who now lives in Sitges, is well qualified to bring Prowler’s unique brand of retailing to Spain and to give it a local twist,” the company said.

Prowler’s owner, ABS Group, will now follow this first franchise store with plans to open further franchise partnerships around Europe.

Commercial Director Symon Reeves commented: “The Prowler brand has enormous heritage and trust within the gay community across Europe and we hope to work with partners in key locations around Europe where there is a significant gay community.

“Possibilities may include other gay summer resorts as well as big cities. In addition to the brand the franchise model includes a stock purchase agreement giving partners access to the range Prowler successfully retail in the UK. Key international underwear, toys, lubes and gift brands that are gay market leaders will be part of a franchise experience.

“Franchise operations will also be able to tie into the Prowler EPOS system as part of the package.”

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