Nalpac Introduces System JO Educational Blog Series

Nalpac Introduces System JO Educational Blog Series

FERNDALE, Mich. — Nalpac, which is a System JO Preferred Partner, has introduced a new System JO-focused educational blog series with the first installment “Silicone Lubricant & Water-Based Lubricant” now available on the Nalpac blog.

Nalpac and System JO have teamed up to educate retailers on lubricants and offer tips to increase the volume of JO sales in their stores. Using data from a comprehensive consumer survey done for the podcast “Sex With Emily” during her “Dream Lube Survey” Nalpac has put together a series of blog posts with infographics. Each post will focus on a different topic and give retailers facts and tips for selling and upselling different System JO products.

In the first installment “Silicone Lubricant & Water-Based Lubricant,” it’s revealed that 61 percent of responding lube users purchased water-based lubricants versus 18 percent of buyers that preferred silicone based products. The blog installment gives tips for selling each type of lubricant along with the pro’s of each and how to increase the volume of silicone lubricant sales to the right customers. 

“We are excited to get this information out to our customers in an interesting and unique way,” said Amy Lazzara, Nalpac creative director. “There was a lot of really great information that Sex With Emily gathered during their survey, and we will be incorporating it all into this System JO Educational Blog Series, to be sure our customers are getting accurate and concise date about their target demographics.”

The first post in the series titled ‘Silicone Lubricant & Water-Based Lubricant’ can be found here on the Nalpac blog.

"We love using Nalpac’s platform to share these statistics and sales tips," says Brian Woolard System JO’s national sales director. “We look forward to releasing more great info to their customers — and seeing the results!"

As a System JO Preferred Partner, Nalpac stocks the full-line of System JO products along with merchandising, educational and marketing materials. Nalpac also exclusively offers their customers a three-tier JO spinning rack that holds 62 one-ounce bottles. Nalpac customers who would like to get a JO spinning rack for their store can contact a Nalpac sales rep or email