Andra Chirnogeanu Named AW Summit Brand Ambassador

Andra Chirnogeanu Named AW Summit Brand Ambassador
Melissa Santana

CYBERSPACE — Andra Chirnogeanu has announced she has been named brand ambassador of the AW Summit and has opened a new outsourcing company named Kir-no-Jah-NU, which specializes in adult marketing, PR services and social media.

After five years of taking care of the AW Summit, Alexandru Gheorghe, who took care of the AW Summit for five years, stepped on stage and announced Roxana Chirila, the event director, as the “protector to help it grow from now on.” After announcing the dates for AW Summit — set for June 4-6, 2019 — Chirila called on stage Chirnogeanu, announcing her as part of the team for next year’s event.

“There comes a time when the ‘dinosaurs’ need to let the youngsters take charge,” Gheorghe said. “We’ve paved the way for new people to come in and take the lead. Roxana has proven to be amazing and I trust her with AW Summit completely. It doesn’t mean I’ll disappear, of course, she and her team will have my full support every time they need it.”

Chirila commented, “Andra is a good friend of ours and we value our friend's input all the time. We heard she was going on her own and accepting new clients so of course, she was the first that came to mind when choosing the team for next year. Our relationship with both Bowtie Digital and 7Veils proved to be great so I think this adult trinity that we hold close as partners for AW Summit 2019 will prove to be amazing. I can say that we’re just as excited as everyone for the next event.”