Rock Candy Toys Launches New 'Rock It' Ring

Rock Candy Toys Launches New 'Rock It' Ring

LOS ANGELES — Rock Candy has unveiled the Rock It Ring, which the company states is “the most advanced and powerful disposable vibrating cock ring on the market.”

According to a rep, the company set out to develop the most advanced and effective disposable ring on the market, by combining power with thoughtful unique ergonomic features to elevate the concept of the classic disposable vibrating cock ring to a more demanding audience. 

“First among the Rock It Ring’s numerous features is a high-powered stock motor that boasts an impressive 14,000 RPMs, the strongest vibrations available in a disposable vibrating ring,” a spokesperson said. “Also, an additional increase of battery power extends play for over 50+ minutes.

“The unique ring features a multitude of unique advanced functions, including a textured Rock It ‘hand’ for her, thoughtfully placed to lightly spread and stimulate the clitoris,” the spokesperson continued. “The other side features a extra ‘pushin’ cushion’ for extra comfort during use. The ring itself features is an ergonomic-fit interior that physically compliments the male anatomy for sustained erections and transferring vibration to the shaft. “

The Rock It Ring, targeted at men and couples, illustrates the “duality of appealing to sex toy newcomers and well-seasoned pros with a friendly, accessible name and appearance.” Rock Candy pitches the importance of creating a high-quality product that encourages men and couples to explore pleasure, without sacrificing quality. 

With specific features designed to enhance clitoral stimulation, the Rock It Ring moves “closer to bridging the ‘Orgasm Gap,’ the statistical fact that only 34 percent of women climax during partner sex,” the company reported.

“At Rock Candy, we are dedicated to approaching our design, marketing and branding process from a progressive standpoint,” said President Keith Caggiano. “Vibrating rings in particular are noted for being disposable; however we recognize the value in creating an exceptional product that consumers can rely on time and time again.

“Consumers are ready for the next evolution of this product category,” he added. “Whether someone carries the Rock It Ring in their pocket, purse, or nightstand, we are happy to empower everyone to rock it, wherever, whenever.” 

The Rock It Ring is available in muted colors including blue, red and black. In addition to the individually-wrapped packages, the Rock It Ring is also available in a tube-style dispenser, part of the company’s branded Candy Shoppe display. 

Currently, the company is hosting the Rock Candy Land retail display contest to coincide with the June National Candy Month Holiday. 

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