Alaska Thunderfuck, Casey Jacks Star in's 'Ass Controller 9'

Alaska Thunderfuck, Casey Jacks Star in's 'Ass Controller 9'

BURBANK, Calif. — on Friday will release the latest installment of its “Ass Controller” series. struck a partnership with adult toy maker JeJoue for “Ass Controller” episodes. The series explores the consequences of wearing the app-controlled butt plug Nuo in compromising public situations.

In “Ass Controller 9,” news anchors deliver the fun. Adult star Casey Jacks and drag princess Alaska Thunderfuck, punctuated by her deadpan delivery, try to read the news on-air while someone in the control room starts playing tricks. Dante Colle also stars in the title.

Mike McCallister, director of “Ass Controller 9” said: “We developed this over-the-top news anchor character with Alaska in mind, and we were absolutely thrilled when she agreed to participate. Her performance is hilarious, she knocked it out of the park.’’

Check out a SFW trailer here.

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