Alexis Fawx Debuts Monthly L.A. Show 'High As Fawx'

LOS ANGELES — Alexis Fawx has announced she is debuting a new variety show in L.A. called "High As Fawx," which she plans to host monthly.

The event will feature various entertainment acts like rappers, comedians, poets and more, according to Fawx. Tickets can be purchased here.

The first "High As Fawx" will take place at El Cid on June 18 at 4212 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90029. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. (PST) and the show begins at 7:30 p.m. Featured performers will be Chris Cane, Rachel Wolfson, Richy Leis, rappers Flint Dominick and Snap Murphy, poet Stephen St. James and dancer Kelly Guerrero.

“I wanted to curate a fun and entertaining show that would have something for everyone,” Fawx said. “I organized this event with the goal of having a good time. There will be a lot of talented people performing at 'High As Fawx.' I encourage everyone to come by and enjoy the show.”

Fawx is also offering sponsorship opportunities, specifically but not limited to ones in the field of condoms, cannabis, lube and toys. Interested companies looking to get in on the ground floor of this endeavor can connect with her via email at

According to a rep, "A woman of many talents, Alexis was recently showcased in XCritic’s ongoing column XCooking. The article features adult stars sharing their favorite recipes. The ingredients of a delicious treat can be found in Alexis Fawx's Favorite Cannabis Cake. Those looking for something sweet and relaxing need to try this tasty dessert." Fawx's recipe can be found here.