Pornhub Unleashes Modelhub Clip Site

Pornhub Unleashes Modelhub Clip Site

NEW YORK — Pornhub launched its new clip site, Modelhub, today.

Modelhub is a new marketplace for adult models to securely sell and share original video content.

Fully integrated with Pornhub’s Model Program, which boasts 57,000-plus models, Modelhub harnesses the growing traffic of the Pornhub network to empower content creators to monetize their original content, according to Corey Price, Pornhub’s vice president.

Via the new marketplace, he said, models can leverage Pornhub’s 90 million-plus daily visitors to sell content and receive tips from viewers, in addition to having access to view a detailed earnings report in their Pornhub account that documents sales and shares.

Models will also have the power to disseminate their original content with advanced geoblocking features, ensuring their visual and intellectual property is distributed safely and securely, he said.

“We felt it important to expand upon our Model Program to make it all encompassing for the surge of talented content creators who are looking to monetize their various types of video content,” Price said.

“For years, models have been asking for a single platform from which they can sell their content, subscriptions and merchandise, and as industry leaders, are now proudly delivery exactly that,” he said.

Price said that in the coming weeks Modelhub will introduce a full suite of intuitive features catered to the modern content creator, including custom clip requests, paid model subscriptions, merchandise stores, social media promotion tools and more.

To learn more about Modelhub, click here.