PHS International Offers M2M Power Box Promo Package

PHS International Offers M2M Power Box Promo Package

PHOENIX — PHS International has announced it is offering a pre-packaged promo kit, the Power Box, for its M2M (Man 2 Man) line. 

“M2M has received a lot of love from the retailers and distributors this year,” a spokesperson said. “And for good reason! M2M is the original brand that is upfront celebrating male romance on its packaging and in its marketing. This is the perfect brand with a variety of products within the line that caters to many different desires while supporting the gay male community.”

According to a rep, the pre-packaged promo kit is easy to install, ready to market with multiple products ranging from nipple clamps, c-rings, leather D-rings, a glass dildo, a stroker and even a leather/suede paddle.

“These items are of good quality, the nitrile goods can be used with different types lubrications making it a good selling feature,” said Gerard (Jerry) Rainville of G. R. Enterprise Inc., which is located in Vermont.

The M2M Power Box Plan includes free built-in custom marketing efforts from M2M. The Power Box contains a 24-unit plan-o-gram for the retailer along with social media assets, which has an area for the retailer’s logo. The company reports it will also work with local queer bars, encouraging them to hand out free cockring promos and flyers announcing that the M2M line is available at their neighborhood pleasure product retailer. 

Brian Casey, owner of Manfest, San Diego’s biggest gay store, said, “With help from M2M, we vastly increased the space in the store dedicated to M2M products. M2M is a premium brand with high quality and cutting edge pleasure products. They have some new toys that are really getting attention from our customers. They helped me with impactful point of sales display materials, and gave me excellent suggestions of what to stock.  We have been delighted by the increased sales that resulted

For more information about the M2M Power Box Plan or the full Man2 Man line and the rest of PHS’s fully merchandised product lines, contact a preferred distributor or email Michael Merrill, general manager, at

For sales information, contact Crystal Gerling, international sales executive, at or at (778) 480-1963.