India Summer Gets Caught in Girlsway's 'The Mommy Trap'

India Summer Gets Caught in Girlsway's 'The Mommy Trap'

MONTREAL — Girlsway presents a new Mommy’s Girl scene, “The Mommy Trap,” starring India Summer, Chloe Foster and featuring the model debut of Jane Wilde.

When Foster suspects her stepmom Summer is cheating on her mom, she sets the ultimate Parent Trap, enlisting the comely charms of Wilde to set the sting in motion.

Summer takes the bait without hesitation: “This is my daughter’s bedroom!” she protests. But “The Mommy Trap” is set and the twosome soon turns into a threesome when Chloe joins in the fun.

“India looks amazing as a blonde — she is coming up on just about her 40th — scene with us at Girlsway,” said “The Mommy Trap” director Stills by Alan, noting that the formerly brunette MILF star is an enduring fan favorite since breaking big in Girlsway’s “Porn Noir” series “The Business of Women.” 

“She and Chloe were so welcoming to Jane in her Girlsway Model Debut; we expect her to become a fan favorite with our viewers as well,” Stills by Alan added. 

The latest Mommy’s Girl scene is also a “Member Fantasy,” sent in by forum member SPINKING. 

“Our Girlsway forum members love seeing the ‘caught cheating’ scenarios as a main plot line in our stories — we get so many member requests for them,” he concluded. “We hope ‘The Mommy Trap’ continues to satisfy the fans’ forbidden fantasies!”

"The Mommy Trap" is available now. To view the trailer, click here.