Jessica Drake Blasts Rudy Giuliani in Glamour Article

Jessica Drake Blasts Rudy Giuliani in Glamour Article

NEW YORK — Adult superstar Jessica Drake has penned an article, published today on Glamour magazine’s website, that focuses on Rudy Giuliani, who publicly lashed out at Stormy Daniels last week.

Drake in her 900-word piece said that “Trump lawyer and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani picked up that torch and ran with it at the Globes Capital Market conference last week in Tel Aviv, Israel, attacking Stormy Daniels.”

Daniels, the upcoming host of the 2019 XBIZ Awards, alleged she had an affair with President Trump after the two met at a celebrity golf tournament in July 2006. That weekend, according to Daniels's account, the two had consensual sex in Trump's hotel room. 

Drake, this past winter’s 2018 XBIZ Awards host, elaborated in the Glamour article that undermining sex workers is “both insulting and life threatening” and “unacceptable.”

She also goes on to discuss how she, as a porn star, is selling fantasy and that working in the biz is respectable.

“Sell my body? Never,” she wrote. “No more than any other laborer sells you theirs. Is a surgeon selling you their hands? No. They are selling their time. I am selling my time. They sell their services, I sell mine. I am selling a fantasy. I retain control over my body and what happens to it. And by the way, many porn stars and sex workers understand bodily autonomy, boundaries, and consent better than the general public. And even the president.”

Check out the full Glamour article here.