The Love Doctor Wins Store Visit from Eldorado's Elevate U Series

The Love Doctor Wins Store Visit from Eldorado's Elevate U Series

BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Eldorado Trading Company has announced The Love Doctor as the winner of a store visit from The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (CSPH), as part of the promotion for completing the entire 16 lessons of the Elevate U series.

Elevate U is a free, mobile-friendly sexual health and wellness education series and retailers who complete all 16 lessons will earn their certification as a Community Sexual Health Resource. Associates who completed the entire series by May 23, 2018 were entered to win an in-store educational event with Kira Manser, Clinical Director at The CSPH.

"One of my favorite parts about my job is working with customers looking to explore their sexuality,” says Kira Manser, clinical director at The CSPH. “I have found that holding classes in retail stores energizes and connects sex-positive adventurers to their local store in really meaningful ways. I am so excited to work with The Love Doctor to host an entertaining and informational event!"

The winner will have the option to choose either a staff training session for their associates or to host a customer event where Manser will speak about a sexual health topic of their choice. Eldorado can create digital and print marketing collateral to help the winning store promote the event. 

“Eldorado has been thrilled with the overwhelming enthusiasm from Elevate U participants,” said Allison Travers, Eldorado’s marketing communications director. “Through either a staff training or customer event, we hope that this store visit will help the retailer strengthen their position in their community as a sexual health and pleasure resource.” 

Eldorado will be holding three more drawings for a store visit from The CSPH throughout the year. This will give learners more opportunities in the future to win.

Eldorado’s Elevate U series is a free e-learning program that empowers Eldorado’s retailers with medically accurate and customer inclusive sexual health and wellness information. Elevate U also teaches learners customer service skills so retailers can offer consumers an excellent in-store experience.

For more information about Elevate U and to enroll in the program, visit or email To learn more about The CSPH, please visit