Ricky Roman, Francois Sagat Star in Episode of CockyBoys' 'All Saints'

Ricky Roman, Francois Sagat Star in Episode of CockyBoys' 'All Saints'

NEW YORK — CockyBoys today released Episode 3 of Jake Jaxson's new feature, “All Saints.”

In the episode, Ricky Roman reprises his role as the Banker from the highly acclaimed and “Answered Prayers.” The Banker is now more intense and brooding than before as he was just released from prison for his financial crimes.

While in prison he has been tormented by a supernatural god-like creature, played by Francois Sagat, who tortures Ricky with pleasure and pain that ultimately leads to a deeper understanding of his spiritual path.

At the same time tortured soul Carter Dane continues his work at the religious studies institute awakening to the hidden realities of his own existence. He's nudged forward by a vision of a centuries old past life and his connection to Puck (Levi Karter) and by those at the institute including the priest (Adam Ramzi), Adrian (Calvin Banks); and student, Troy Accola.

Jaxson said that as with previous episodes of “All Saints,” Episode 3 adds a high degree of emotion and top-notch acting skills to this immersive storyline. 

"I’m very excited to be able to bring a multi layered storytelling approach to this miniseries,” Jaxson said. “So often a scene only focuses on players having sex. Finally I’m able to bring all the actors into an episode, with multiple story lines.  

“So much of this mythology is designed to enhance the sex and both are critical to the overall story, and I can’t do this without dedicated actors. This project is not possible without the ongoing focus and dedication of this amazing cast — they have been so committed to helping me bring this to life and I could not be more grateful.”

As for Episode 3, Jaxson noted: "Ricky Roman shines in this episode. As our longest running CockyBoy exclusive performer I couldn't be more thrilled with his superb performance in this movie. Throw in a superstar like Francois into the mix and you have a one-of-kind duo scene that is literally out of this world."

Watch Episode 3 and all episodes at CockyBoys.com.