Amazing Stores Wins 2 Telly Awards for TV Commercial

Amazing Stores Wins 2 Telly Awards for TV Commercial

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Amazing Intimate Essentials announced today that its television ad, titled “Boink,” won two People’s Telly Awards — a Silver Telly in the People’s Telly — Local TV Commercial section and a Bronze Telly for Craft-Use of Humor.

Boink is the first of three installments of Amazing’s recent television campaign, released during the holiday season of 2017. The commercial has been seen on primetime cable TV and digital media in the New England area.

The ad features Francis, a judgmental cat that completely disapproves of her owner’s acts in the bedroom. Amazing says its message is a parallel to the idea of the world judging and often disapproving of individual intimate choices, but Amazing being a comfortable and accepting retreat and resource.

“We really stepped out of the comfort zone on this project and couldn’t be more honored as a brand, a company, and a creative team,” said Magin Wood, director of marketing. “This campaign is the first of its kind in our industry and its success is proof that we are succeeding in our goal of providing positive associations with Amazing.”

To view the commercial, click here.

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