Pornhub Offers Stats on Royal Wedding Traffic

Pornhub Offers Stats on Royal Wedding Traffic

BURBANK, Calif. — Pornhub traffic plummeted in the U.K. when the royal wedding took place on Saturday, the adult brand said.

Traffic stalled by 21 percent, the adult brand said, while the U.S. saw a 6 percent drop.

“Across the U.K., traffic during the ceremony was down -21 percent in England, -19 percent in Wales, -15 percent in Scotland and -14 percent in Northern Ireland,” according to Pornhub's Insight's division. “Traffic remained below average throughout the rest of the day, with a further drop of -17 percent in England around 5 p.m.”

Pornhub noted it was surprised to see that France was the country with the biggest traffic drop of -23 percent during the ceremony.

“Traffic in Chile was down -20 percent, -19 percent in Italy and -18 percent in New Zealand, The Netherlands and Turkey,” Pornhub said. “Commonweath countries Australia and Canada were down -17 percent and -16 percent respectively.

“Once again it was Meghan Markle that most captured everyone’s attention, as Pornhub searches for her name increased steadily in the days before and after the wedding, reaching as high as +2812 percent on May 21.”

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