Digital Playground Releases 'The Jerk With a Johnson' Parody

Digital Playground Releases 'The Jerk With a Johnson' Parody

BURBANK, Calif. — Digital Playground has announced the released of its new superhero parody, “The Jerk with a Johnson: A DP XXX Parody,” which is chock-full of fourth-wall-breaking.

The title stars Xander Corvus as fast-talking anti-hero, Deadtool, whose latest mission takes an unexpected, erotic turn.

In “The Jerk with a Johnson: A DP XXX Parody,” Deadtool is tracking his target through the mean streets of suburban Los Angeles. While on the hunt, the hero is shocked to spy two nubile cheerleaders jiggling around and trying to fit into their noticeably small and revealing outfits. Becoming particularly smitten with one, Jessa Rhodes, Deadtool recognizes this opportunity as too good to pass up and gets sidetracked from his missions as he sneaks into the house to spy on his newfound crush.

Deadtool suddenly realizes that he has wandered into a porno and decides he is better suited (quite literally) than male talent, Xander Corvus. Though Corvus isn’t amused by Deadtool’s antics, the Director — played by adult industry legend Evan Stone — sides with the raunchy hero and the Jerk with a Johnson is free to maneuver his way through his first-ever adult scene.

“We’ve always appreciated how much levity Xander can bring to any given scene,” said lead scriptwriter Julie Yah, “but he really exceeded our expectations with this performance. We can’t wait for fans to see Xander’s funny bone on full display in this new parody — he was a perfect fit for this role. Not to mention, his chemistry with Jessa Rhodes is second to none.”

"The Jerk with a Johnson: A DP XXX Parody" will be available tomorrow. To watch the safe-for-work trailer, click here.