ManyVids Reveals Bella French as CEO

ManyVids Reveals Bella French as CEO

MONTREAL — ManyVids today announced that the driving force behind the company is Bella French, a woman and former webcam girl.

According to the company, French has been quietly building the site since 2014 and is featured in a documentary, #WeAreMany, which is available today. The company also explains that French’s approach “defies the traditional, often negative dynamics of the adult entertainment industry by providing a positive environment where the performers are supported and in command, retaining full copyrights to their oeuvre.”

“I set out to revolutionize the adult entertainment industry,” French said. “I wanted to give these content creators the tools to be successful on their own terms and offer them fair treatment, a safe haven and community support so that they can shine. The timing is perfect for me to also step into the light alongside these adult performers, and proudly demonstrate that our approach is a long overdue gamechanger.”  

French grew up in Montreal, Canada and — until today — has been an undercover Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of ManyVids since its inception in 2014. She founded the company along with her two partners and also held the title of CFO until 2017. Her foray into the adult entertainment industry began as a webcam girl which gave her first-hand experience in how to market adult entertainment and maximize profitability while still encouraging creativity and the independence of their video content creators. French has a background in Business Marketing and Logistics and has completed two certificates at the Montreal Business School at the University of Montreal HEC.

The video summary is as follows: “The forty-minute documentary chronicles the evolution of ManyVids, its ascension to the top of the industry and Bella’s efforts to launch and operate a clip site that provides an oasis for adult content creators. The documentary can be viewed via Vimeo here.

For more information, follow French on Twitter.