FSC Writes an Open Letter to Trump

FSC Writes an Open Letter to Trump

LOS ANGELES — The Free Speech Coalition today published an open letter to President Trump in response to comments he reportedly made to Microsoft’s Bill Gates during two meetings between them indicating he didn’t know the difference between the HIV and HPV viruses. 

“As the trade association of the adult industry, we are honored by the tremendous efforts you have paid for showcasing industry talent,” the letter began. “The spotlight on our industry has never been brighter, and we have true admiration of the humility you must possess to allow such socially marginalized workers as those in the sex trade to be permitted to demonstrate that their business aptitude and political savvy is on par (or even greater) than the office of the U.S. president.”

The letter went on to offer a tip sheet about HIV, herpes and the array of hepatitis strains.

It also was a good occasion for the FSC, which is the adult entertainment and pleasure products industries’ trade group, to ask a favor of Trump and his administration.

“We do have a humble request of you: Would you ask the GOP to stop referring to porn as a public health crisis?” the FSC asked. “We understand that we’re a convenient scapegoat — sex is a powerfully evocative concept, and it is easy to feat those of us who peddle in it.

“However, no one has ever died from porn. There are many people — like yourself — who derive great pleasure from it. There are many people whose livelihoods depend on it.

“You have the power, and now the information, to make … things better.”

Read the FSC’s full letter to Trump here.