Erotique Entertainment, Eric John Launch Lexi Lore Pornhub Channel

CYBERSPACE — Erotique Entertainment has launched its fourth Pornhub Premium channel, LoveLexiLore, focusing on Erotique Entertainment contract performer Lexi Lore.

In celebration, Lore will be performing with Eric John in a show this Sunday at 3 p.m. (PDT) on Nigel Dictator will be shooting stills, Jake Jacobs will be covering video and Calista Roxxx will be hosting the computers and interacting with fans.

In March, Lore signed a one-year contract with Erotique.

Erotique Entertainment CEO John said, “I could not be more proud than to have Lexi represent Erotique Entertainment. Lexi epitomizes everything that Erotique and myself have always championed since 2004: Lexi is highly intelligent, motivated and hard working, a perfectionist with strategic goals, and in charge of her own destiny.

“She thinks strategically, she quickly synergizes new information, she maximizes opportunities presented to her, “ John continued. “I frankly can’t say enough about her.  As is evident to anyone who has watched our performances to date together, she is an incredible, genuine, sexual performer who is in the industry for all of the right reasons."

In addition to regular performances, the contract includes various cross-promotional elements and a structure through which to jointly develop and market content. “We are going to take company-performer cooperation to a new level, “ said John.

“I’ve already produced content with Eric that no other company would have shot me in, because I’m always being typecast into a certain specific mold,“ Lore said. “Shooting with Eric I have the freedom and authority and mutual respect to inject my ideas into the production. We’ve only started exploring the possibilities, and I can tell you it will be a very fulfilling adventure.”

John continued, “Today it’s all about your internet footprint, having your brand out there on as many of the platforms as possible, owning enough content to regularly update and drive traffic... these necessities are true for both companies and performers. Our goals are the same. Lexi and Erotique are going to take those efficiencies to new levels.”

So in addition to regular performances, the contract includes various mutually beneficial cross-promotional elements, and a structure with which to jointly develop and market content. “We are going to take company-performer cooperation to a new level, “ John said.

John emphasized that the contract does not limit Lore’s participation in working for or with others. “Those days are outdated and the thinking behind it is short-sighted."

This week, Lore also signed on as a Spiegler girl, represented by agent Mark Spiegler.

Lore said, “We have so many exciting sexy plans for all of our fans. We are only just getting started. I am also incredibly honored to be the newest Spiegler Girl. I look forward to blowing everyone away on set and honoring the tradition.

"I love my job and I love my scenes. I was very excited to pursue porn after webcam, I was very excited to travel to Los Angeles after experiencing Florida. This entire adventure has been so much fun and so much more than I expected. I am amazed and excited and flattered by how fast everything is happening.”

Sunday’s live show can be viewed live at Site members can watch two separate angles simultaneously; the HD version of the show will also eventually be released to members.