Rafael Alencar Announces Retirement in Marc MacNamara Interview

Rafael Alencar Announces Retirement in Marc MacNamara Interview

LOS ANGELES — Gay adult performer Rafael Alencar announced his retirement in an interview with iWantClips Ambassador Marc MacNamara.

“Rafael is at the core an amazing human being. He is a smart businessman, but what most people don't know is that he is witty, quick and funny as shit. He has experienced more of this industry than anyone I can think of,” MacNamara said. “I learn from him every time he manages to formulate a sentence. This interview really shows off who he is and what he reveals will no doubt shock people.”

In “NSFW With Marc MacNamara,” MacNamara spoke to Alencar about his work in the industry, explained VP of Operations of iWantEmpire James Power. “Marc takes viewers behind the curtains of this acclaimed adult performer who shares about sex, his earlier career and even his trysts with top celebrities!” 

Alencar told MacNamara, “I’m very proud of all the movies that I did. I’m very happy for the things I did. I travel all over the world and people recognize me everywhere, no matter where I am. This is a very good year because I’m retiring from porn finally. I’m done... I did my share.” 

And Alencar was anything but shy about his past: “All the famous people. The singers and actors that you know that they are gay, they have called me. They cannot be seen in public. They cannot go to a bar, club or restaurant. They cannot have a hook up so they call 1-800 me.”

The interview is available to view on the iWantClips YouTube Channel. For more information, visit iWantEmpire.com or iWantClips.com.