Motorbunny Presents New Mount Gushmore Attachment

Motorbunny Presents New Mount Gushmore Attachment

LOS ANGELES — Makers of the motorized, ride-on-top Bluetooth controlled vibrator Motorbunny have released a new attachment for the toy.

Mount Gushmore is made entirely of silicone and is clitorally focused with four cascading ridges at the front, “allowing users to grind, comfortably, at varying heights,” a rep explained. “The center pommel was designed for total vulval stimulation, while the overall staggered shape allows for greater sensation control, helping riders reach that zenith of gushing excitement.”

“Our customers want a very wide range of experiences, from penetrating to vibration-only. Mt. Gushmore adds another exciting option for riders who are looking for something more than the standard flat attachment experience,” said CMO of Motorbunny Craig Mewbourne.

“We make it a point to listen to user feedback at every point in the process. The name Mount Gushmore was the result of offering our social media followers the chance to submit names for this attachment. It was just a fun way to include them even further. We have very creative customers, and they did not disappoint!” 

The Mount Gushmore attachment is available exclusively at

This new attachment follows the release of the company's penetrative anal saddle vibe attachment, the Keister Bunny, and the Bluetooth-enabled Motorbunny LINK Controller and MB LINK app, which give users the ability to control the speed and frequency of the “buzz” and “twirl” functions from their mobile phone or tablet.

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