Doc Johnson, ECN Debut Immersive Kink Collection Display in Florida

Doc Johnson, ECN Debut Immersive Kink Collection Display in Florida

HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. — Doc Johnson and East Coast News joined forces with adult retailer Spice of Life in Hallandale Beach, Florida to create an immersive BDSM display that showcases the Kink by Doc Johnson product line.

According to Spice of Life storeowners Rick and Rebeca Gonzalez, the newly added Kink by Doc Johnson collection is already a big draw for shoppers. “The couple credits the popularity of the line to the fact that their customers can literally step into a BDSM boudoir fantasy scene,” a rep said, “thanks to the innovative efforts of Doc Johnson’s retail experts, Director of Sales Kerin De Francis and Visual Merchandiser Krystal Silva, as well as Peter La Mantia of East Coast News.”

The Kink by Doc Johnson display features a bedroom scene, two kink-styled mannequins and a tester table that lets shoppers engage with a range of products from the line. “We wanted to set the scene,” said Silva, “So we styled the mannequins as a ‘dominant’ and ‘submissive.’ Most customers are looking at these items wondering how they’d look and feel [in them], so it makes sense to show them. The female sub is in the Handler’s Collar and Leash set with really sexy lingerie; it only takes a second for the visual story we’re telling to resonate with buyers.”

Silva and De Francis created a custom dungeon decal to add dimension, brought in candelabras for ambiance and placed a St. Andrews’ cross behind the Water-Works Master Apron-clad dom.

La Manita said, “BDSM is on the rise, and as the marketing director for ECN I make it my business to help my customers capitalize on growing trends. That’s why I love working with Kerin and Krystal. They get the creative and pop-culture side of things. If a scene in a movie can inspire people to shop for blindfolds, just imagine what an interactive scene in a store can inspire them to buy.”

Rick Gonzalez explained, “We knew the Kink line would do really well in our store and that it’d be perfect for our clientele. [And] after seeing examples of Doc’s lifestyle displays at trade shows we saw that the line gave us the perfect opportunity to create a totally unique shopping experience folks would love.”

The Gonzalezes were adamant that the display had to be informative in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. “A lot of people are unfamiliar with bondage accessories,” explained Rebeca Gonzalez, “So having a place to actually try the products before buying them is a huge relief for shoppers. It’s also really fun to play with unique items like The Stinger and the Swell Auto Nipple Sucker Cups.”

De Francis said, “Doc Johnson is all about education as a means to enhance pleasure. This isn’t a cookie-cutter line in a run-of-the-mill store. We wanted the Spice of Life/Kink collaboration to be fun and dynamic. It’s all about having fun and helping customers.” 

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