Joins FSC at Platinum Level Joins FSC at Platinum Level

LOS ANGELES — The Free Speech Coalition announced today that adult cryptocurrency company has joined the trade organization at the platinum-sponsor level.

“We know the discrimination adult businesses face from traditional banking institutions, as well as the hesitation many of our consumers have about making payments to adult sites,” said Eric Paul Leue, FSC’s executive director. “While I’m glad to have support our mission to defend the adult industry, I’m even happier to have them and their expertise in blockchain technology as a resource for the members of our coalition.”

London-based began its initial token sale on late April, and after clearing a softcap of $5 million (U.S.) it is working toward a hard cap of $16.85 million.

The company has already secured relationships with major adult companies interested in using the currency to facilitate transactions in camming, content, ecommerce and dating with partners such as Badoink, ClubX, MojoHost, Paul Raymond Publications and Lucas Entertainment.’s token sale, which ends June 7, has received coverage in numerous mainstream articles from Forbes, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, VentureBeat and the International Business Times, among others.

The blockchain-based technology allows consumers privacy in transactions, eliminating credit card statements and reducing the risk of public exposure through hacks, said Reuben Coppa, founder of For adult businesses, intimate reduced dependence on traditional banking, while eliminating chargebacks.

In addition to the payments via, the blockchain also has added decentralized a trust-and-reputation system which makes any physical interaction such as dating, swinging or BDSM a far safer prospect in the future, he said.

“Our industry needs alternative sources for payments and banking,” Coppa said. “In recent years, traditional institutions have become de facto regulators of adult content, closing accounts of performers and producers with often no recourse. We want to bring stability and privacy back to adult transactions, using blockchain technology.”

Check out's website here. The FSC's site is here.