Romi Rain, Angela White Star in Girlfriends' 18th 'Lesbian Sex'

Romi Rain, Angela White Star in Girlfriends' 18th 'Lesbian Sex'

VALENCIA, Calif. — Girlfriends Films has released the 18th edition of its “Lesbian Sex” series.

The title, now available from Girlfriends Films and at adult stores nationwide, includes more than four hours of personal conversations among the talent and G/G footage.

According to Girlfriends Films founder and director Dan O’Connell, “This is the only Girlfriends series that does not feature a fictional story line. This is more of a real-life documentary that gives a true look into the lives of the performers."

"Rather than following a script, each pair of girls has a conversation regarding their backgrounds, early sexual history, their experiences in the adult business and their favorite kinds of lesbian sex. Then it is on to the bedroom to back up their talk with action," O'Connell said. 

About the interview aspect of the release O’Connell said, “After long enduring the general public’s continual negative misconceptions about our business and performers, something that has recently been all too evident in the Stormy Daniels saga, I devised this series years ago for the sole purpose providing a realistic look at the women who perform for Girlfriends Films."

"It is basically a counterattack on the unfounded generalities with which our industry and performers are thoughtlessly mislabeled," he said. "Getting the public to change its perception is pushing the bus uphill, of course, but I feel strongly about this.”

O’Connell described his casting approach, that he was “aware that Angela White and Giselle Palmer had long been itching to work with each other. Due to her popularity, one has to book Angela far in advance and I made sure to do so. Whenever I see Angela perform on a Girlfriends Films set I am reminded why she won just about every award this year. Giselle is also a great performer and has the greatest orgasm reactions.”

O’Connell also brought in 2018 XBIZ Awards Female Performer of the Year Romi Rain. “Along with being one of the prettiest girls to ever grace our business, Romi Rain is another award winner and for good reason. I can’t think of another performer who puts more energy into a scene. Every time she’s on our set, she mentions how much she desires girls who really like girls. With that in mind, I decided to match her with Blair Williams, another high-energy, over-sexed performer. That was quite a scene, of course.”

The next pairing matched two veteran Girlfriends performers, platinum blonde Aaliyah Love and chesty redhead Lauren Phillips. “Aaliyah is always one of the most animated and interesting people to listen to,” O’Connell said, “and it’s always a pleasure having Lauren Phillips on set. The fans are really going to like this one.”

For the fourth scene, the director let blonde Scarlett Sage have a hand in casting her co-star, Athena Faris. “They continue to be gal pals outside of work so they are quite well practiced.” 

Check out "Lesbian Sex 18" here.