ManyVids Introduces New Streaming Technology to Help Fight Piracy

ManyVids Introduces New Streaming Technology to Help Fight Piracy
Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — ManyVids today introduced new streaming technology that was created to reduce online piracy.

“We aim to maximize access to, and choices for, members to engage with our adult-content creators,” ManyVids’ Dehan said. “It is important that we play an active role in raising awareness about the adverse effects of online piracy.

“Our new secure streaming feature promises to offer legal and safe access to adult entertainment that will help fight against content theft globally. It is crucial that we remain vigilant about copyright protection so adult-content creators can thrive independently,” he said.

ManyVids provides tools to help adult content creators to become successful entrepreneurs.

The company has 1.7 million active members and more than 16,000 independent content creators who use its turnkey e-commerce platform to connect with their fans and grow their fanbase.

ManyVids reaches more than 59 million monthly page views and hosts 440,000 original vids and premium adult content.

For more information on the new secure streaming technology, click here.