Tenga Releases 2018 Global Self-Pleasure Report

Tenga Releases 2018 Global Self-Pleasure Report

TOKYO — Tenga Co., the male pleasure products manufacturer, has released its 2018 Global Self-Pleasure Report to coincide with Masturbation Month, which starts tomorrow.

Tenga, compiling data from more than 13,000 respondents ages 18-74 across 18 countries in February and March, uncovered how traditional views of masculinity prevent men from having fulfilling sex lives and relationships.

In particular, the Tenga study found that:

  • Approximately 90 percent of Americans believe men in their country exemplify outdated masculinity or "manly" stereotypes in contrast to what men believe of themselves.
  • More than half (56 percent) of American men "feel more" — they prioritize connections to others and being able to express themselves without judgment.
  • 20 percent of men who "feel more" have better relationships and are happier, healthier and more satisfied in their personal and sexual lives. 

Tenga also listed other key findings from survey, including that:

  • 53 percent of American men are open to using a sex toy on himself and 71 percent are open to using one on his partner.
  • People in the U.S. who have used sex toys report being more satisfied with their sex life across all metrics, but especially when looking at quality (82 percent vs. 55 percent) and frequency (78 percent vs. 55 percent) of masturbation.
  • 78 percent of adults in the world masturbate, including: 96 percent of British men, 93 percent of German men, and 92 percent of American men; 78 percent of British women, 76 percent of German women, and 76 percent of American women.
  • Only 18 percent of respondents in the U.S., 15 percent in the United Kingdom and 11 percent in Germany feel it is important to talk about masturbation with people they are close with.
  • Of the countries surveyed, India, Mexico and Brazil are ranked highest for sex life satisfaction.
  • 57 percent of younger Millennials (18-24 years-old) masturbate weekly, more likely than any other age group.
  • Of those who masturbate, gay and bisexual individuals are 20 percent more likely to masturbate weekly than heterosexual individuals.
  • The average age in which people begin masturbating varies slightly by country: 15.2 in the U.S., 15.3 in the U.K. and 15.8 in Germany.

Based on the survey results, Tenga said it encourages men to "feel more" by being open with their emotions, empathetic toward others and forthcoming about masturbation and sexual patterns within relationships.

Tenga also believes masturbation should be an accepted and important part of sex and sexuality, and aims to further cultural acceptance and elevate the conversation around gender dynamics and healthy sexual relationships on a global scale by encouraging an open dialogue between significant others, family and close friends.

Eddie Marklew, Tenga’s global marketing manager, said: "Masturbation is not always meant to imitate or replace sexual exchange, but it can create a more fun and beneficial experience, especially among partners, leading to more satisfaction with that partner and in general.”

“By understanding behaviors and attitudes toward masturbation, we hope to evolve the discussion around self-pleasure from secretive to celebratory, enabling our users to bring the best tools to the party," Marklew said.

For the full Tenga 2018 Global Self-Pleasure Report, check out Feelmore.global. To check out Tenga products, visit Tenga-Global.com, or shop online at USStore.Tenga-Global.com.