Rock Candy Toys to Land at Retailers Nationwide This Month

Rock Candy Toys to Land at Retailers Nationwide This Month

LOS ANGELES — Rock Candy Toys products are making their way to adult retailers this month. 

The lineup includes the Gummy Ball, Gummy Vibe, Mega Mini Bullet, Candy Stick, Swirls, Suga Stick and Lala Pop, among others.

“The concept behind Rock Candy Toys originated with a retail focus — we wanted to create branding that would instantly envelope a shopper in an experience,” Rock Candy Toys President Keith Caggiano said. “Retailers want to try to keep shoppers in their store and when they see a candy shop, it’s something that they will immediately recognize and connect with. Everybody loves candy!” 

The line “has set out to redefine classic bestsellers such as the bullet vibe,” a rep said.

“All of Rock Candy Toys’ designs feature ergonomic shapes that have been thoughtfully crafted to provide maximum pleasure. In addition to being coated in a velvety soft body-safe material that sumptuously glides against the skin, each delectable vibe features a super powered motor that’ll leave users dripping in ecstasy.” 

Rock Candy Toys come in bubble gum, cotton candy, cinnamon, blueberry and grape jellybean. They are packed in glossy, clear boxes meant to encourage and “redefine” impulse shopping for the adult retail market.

For more information, email or visit Rock Candy’s website.