AgeID Signs On as SHAFTA Presenting Sponsor

CYBERSPACE — The U.K.-based SHAFTA show, presented by Television X, is hosting a Summer of Love party. The event will take place at the Tropicana Beach Club in London’s Covent Garden on Thursday, July 12.

Television X has announced that age verification company AgeID will be the award show’s official presenting sponsor. 

James Clark, AgeID spokesperson, said, “We have created a fast, private, secure and user-friendly tool to comply with the impending U.K. legislation. Due to our non-intrusive approach to age verification and our reliance on third party providers, customers are safe in the knowledge that their age verification data cannot be compromised. Adult site owners gain the benefit of being part of a huge trusted network of adult sites that allow users to browse freely between them. We are proud to sponsor the SHAFTAs, which brings adult sites, content creators, customers and actors together for a summer event not to be missed!” 

Anna Kieran, programming director for Television X, “This is the first time the SHAFTAs will take place in the summer. We can’t wait to see the porn stars dressed to impress at this sexy hippy freak out, which promises to be as groovy as it is horny.

“We look forward to celebrating the achievements and recognizing the unique talents of the UK adult industry. We’re psyched to have partnered with AgeID for the return of the SHAFTAs.”

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