GameLink Says's Logo Is Too Similar

GameLink Says's Logo Is Too Similar

LONDON — GameLink on Monday filed a claim with the High Court of Justice in London alleging that the operators of, which markets the adult entertainment-oriented Intimate token, have employed a logo for its brand that is too similar to its own.

GameLink, which offers an extensive catalog of adult content and sex toys on its online platform, said that the cryptocurrency company is “using a three-pointed device depicting a thong garment in its [logo’s] circle” like what it uses to market its brand.

“The defendants are using a sign that is deceptively similar to the claimant’s sign to attract investment and to market a cryptocurrency that is intended to be used by the claimant’s customers and potential customers for payment to the claimants affiliates and competitors,” GameLink said in its claim filed at the London court’s intellectual property section.

GameLink CEO Ilan Bunimovitz today told XBIZ that he did a double take when he saw banners and other advertisements at a recent tradeshow that showed off a striking, similar-looking logo.

“I first became aware of intimate using a copy of our mark at the 2018 XBIZ Show in January,” Bunimovitz said. “At the time, [Intimate's operators] acknowledged the similarities and how it can create confusion in the market. They promised to take care of it after the show.

“It’s April now, and they have not done so yet. So, unfortunately we were forced to take legal action,” Bunimovitz said. “We have been in the space for over 25 years, and have always maintained an excellent reputation, and we could not take the risk of being associated with this company.”

GameLink, in its claim, is seeking a restraining order against from using the logo for marketing adult entertainment goods and services, damages, attorneys’ fees and court costs. representatives declined comment on the issue.