ABS Holdings Announces Price Increase on Minx Linx Kinx Range

CYBERSPACE — Due to a rise in manufacturing costs, ABS is set to increase the price of the Minx Linx Kinx range by an average of three percent. 

Justin Vickers, ABS' head of global trade sales, said, “We know that customers love the Minx Linx Kinx range for its excellent pricing, creative designs and the value that they get for their money. That’s why we’ve ensured that our price increase, while unavoidable, is also minimal. We’ve only raised the prices on our Minx Linx and Kinx range to offset the increasing costs of production and raw materials and have held off on this price increase for as long as we could.”

The price increase was instated yesterday.

“The Minx Linx Kinx range will continue to offer the fresh, affordable designs that have made the brand so popular with our customers,” a rep said. “It offers a selection of toys aimed at men, women and couples. The range features toys for beginners, pleasure pros and every experience level in between. Minx Linx Kinx has continued to grow, and we now offer an impressive bondage and kink range as well as cockrings, vibrators, strokers, orgasm and pleasure gels and more.”

For more information on the Minx Linx Kinx range email Justin Vickers or contact its sales team.