RIDE BodyWorx Debuts Stroke Oil, Travel-Friendly Lube Size

RIDE BodyWorx Debuts Stroke Oil, Travel-Friendly Lube Size

DALLAS — Following the recent redirection of their brand identity, RIDE BodyWorx has announced two new products immediately available both direct-to-consumers and wholesalers.

The new RIDE BodyWorx additions are RIDE Lube in a new two-ounce bottle option and RIDE Stroke Oil.

RIDE BodyWorx currently offers three categories of high-performance glides: RIDE Water-Based, RIDE Silicone and RIDE Silk Hybrid. All three lubricant types are now offered in a two-ounce bottle, packaged in RIDE’s signature black bottle with matte black labeling. The company says the new size is “perfect for the guy on the go” and is recommended as a point-of-sale purchase that offer retailers an easy add-on to every sale. 

Erik Vasquez, brand ambassador of RIDE BodyWorx, says, “Our buyers and customers have asked and we have listened. Making a more easily portable option of our bottles was the next logical step in building out the product line.”

Vasquez adds, “We live in a busy world where your most important necessities need to be accessible at all times. Our new two-ounce bottle is the new male necessity that fits perfect in a gym bag, a carry on, or even in your glove box, so you’re sure to never be caught with your pants down and no lube in sight!” 

RIDE Stroke Oil is a proprietary blend of nut and seed oils, with natural butters and silicone that can be used as a solo play lubricant and massage oil, leaving the skin soft. RIDE Stroke Oil is glycerin and paraben-free, hypoallergenic and non-toxic and comes in a sleek black 8.5-ounce bottle.

“The name says it all,” Vasquez said. This is the slickest, most enjoyable hand job you’re ever going to get from yourself or your partner. RIDE Stroke Oil, while not condom safe, works amazingly well for anal toy play.”

Two-ounce bottles of RIDE Water-based, Silicone, Silk Hybrid, as well as the 8.5-ounce bottle of RIDE Stroke Oil, are all immediately available for consumer purchase at RideLube.com. 

For wholesale product ordering information, email erik@ridelube.com or visit RideLube.com/.