VR Bangers Offering White-Label Products for TS, Gay Content

VR Bangers Offering White-Label Products for TS, Gay Content

LOS ANGELES — Today, VR Bangers announced that its TS and gay VR porn contents are available to studios and websites in the form of white-label products. 

“We know that virtual reality technology is still relatively new and it is really hard for a lot of companies to get used to it,” said Daniel Abramovich, CEO of VR Bangers. “That is pretty much why we have decided to start the white-label campaign, offering some premium contents from our studio to entrepreneurs and companies and making it all much easier for them.” 

A rep explained, “The white-label process is an extremely popular phenomenon all over the world, but not in the VR porn industry. The method is based on the fact that a product or service produced by one company (the producer) is being rebranded by other companies companies (the marketers) to make it appear as if they had made it. This way, the whole process of R&D can be omitted and one company can benefit from the experience and technology of the other."

Abramovich continued, “We know that we are not ‘reinventing the wheel,’ but we are certainly doing something new for both the TS and gay VR porn areas. In these industries there are not too many producers in general, and many fans are eagerly waiting for more content to watch. We are happy that we can help other makers and establish cooperation between many new sites and studios. This is a brand new and innovative idea and we certainly hope that it will work out just great.

 “When we come up with a new idea, something that no one has ever done, we never know if we will succeed or not,” the CEO added. “But as they say, ‘no risk, no fun,’ which has always been the motto of our company. We have continually been open to all forms of cooperation and it will certainly never change. White-labeling is an idea that will hopefully further expand the VR Bangers family and we cannot wait for the first producers to contact us in this matter.”

If you are interested in the white-label products, please go to VRBGay.com or VRBTrans.com.