Magic Wand, UVee and Collaborate With New Bundle

Magic Wand, UVee and Collaborate With New Bundle

LOS ANGELES — is promoting a collaboration between Clean Light Laboratories (makers of UVee) and Magic Wand, which have joined forces to offer the “Legendary Cleanest Orgasm.” is bringing the pairing to life its comic book inspired cover that features Sex with Emily’s Emily Morse, who represents both brands on her show. As the “hero” character behind the collaboration and illustrated to resemble an iconic pop-culture explorer, Morse is depicted removing a Magic Wand from a glowing UVee HOME Play, thus discovering the “Legendary Cleanest Orgasm.”

According to the company, when Clean Light Laboratories’ founder Carrie Martz set out to design her now-patented device that stores, charges and sanitizes sex toys (and other items), she held one product’s dimensions as the standard that needed to be met – the Magic Wand. The UVee HOME Play can also keep the Magic Wand Rechargeable juiced up through the specially designed rear access port as it’s being sanitized.

“I love everything about this collaboration,” Martz explained. “The pairing with Magic Wand, the illustration, the story — it all came together perfectly.”

Magic Wand is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The brand says it has been a fan of the UVee since its introduction, and included the product in its first-ever holiday gift guide last year.

“We’ve been around the block a few times,” says Magic Wand’s Shay Martin. “Working with like-minded leaders and complimentary products is always exciting – but this one has so much fun built into it!”

The “Legendary Cleanest Orgasm” collaboration will run through April, promoted on and the “Sex with Emily” podcast.