Aria Nathaniel Discusses Being in Charge of Pornhub's Social Media

Aria Nathaniel Discusses Being in Charge of Pornhub's Social Media

BURBANK, Calif. — Pornhub’s Aria Nathaniel, who runs the adult brand’s social media efforts on Twitter, Instagram and elsewhere, was recently interviewed by HypeBeat Radio.

In the interview, Nathaniel discusses what she actually does for a living. “I literally do A-Z marketing — social media and ad campaigns,” she told HypeBeat, which offers lifestyle news pieces and interviews on footwear, fashion, music and creativity.

Starting at 8 a.m. each day, Nathaniel logs in and jumps into the social media space, making her presence known online. She explained in the interview how the blue-checked @pornhub Twitter handle has actually turned into her own personal account.

“You can check it — there’s no porn on there. It’s mostly me tweeting about eating avocado toast and wanting to throw up,” she said. “The one thing I don’t talk about is politics.”

Reactions from Pornhub fans are sometimes “amazing,” she said.

“I think I may create a coffee table book based on all the comments,” she said.

Nathaniel estimated that the Pornhub account gets an average of one direct message every three seconds. “If I even went through that tab for two days, it’d only cover the last 10 minutes,” she said.

Nathaniel, who’s been with Pornhub for four years, also discussed the brand’s latest marketing moves, like its recent Premium Places campaign, offering up free premium memberships to people who live in towns and cities with risque names.

She further talked about how Pornhub is branching out selling streetwear in conjunction with the brand Richardson and creating pop-up stores to keep the tube site’s interest alive and well.

Listen to the HypeBeat Radio interview here