Eldorado Publishes Case Study on Adam & Eve Store in Wichita Falls, Texas

Eldorado Publishes Case Study on Adam & Eve Store in Wichita Falls, Texas

BROOMFIELD Colo. — Adult distributor Eldorado recently published another retailer case study in its Eldorado Edge newsletter. This time, Eldorado took a look at the Adam & Eve store in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Eldorado’s retailer case studies are designed to give readers an in-depth look at the positive impact working with the distributor has had on adult businesses. So far, Eldorado has published five case studies.

The Adam & Eve store in Wichita Falls was established in July 2016 by couples Shonda and Marcus Cleveland and Shona and Justin Jones.

“Before opening the brick and mortar Adam & Eve store, the owners came into contact with Eldorado at an industry trade show when they had an online adult store and started a fulfillment account with the well-known distributor,” the Edge reported. “The business partners then decided to transition into the brick-and-mortar side of the business and open up a high-end boutique. They opened an Adam & Eve franchise because it is the biggest brand in the adult industry and the company’s values aligned with their own.”

Since opening the brick-and-mortar store, the store had difficulty getting some products to their store in a timely manner to meet the weekend rush.  

“They found that it can sometimes be hard to predict what will be  popular and trendy. Due to the unpredictability of what products customers would ask for when they walked into the store, they found it challenging to stock their shelves with  the appropriate inventory levels to meet their demands.

“They have found greater success when their shelves are always full with a good mix of product at varying price points. They also found that their store had to remain well stocked with add-on products like lubricant and toy cleaner because they sold so quickly. And, if on the off chance they did not carry something, the Wichita Falls team needed to be able to respond quickly by placing an order to get products in the store.”

Here’s the solution that the Edge discovered: “Because of Eldorado’s great reputation in the industry for quick turnaround time from order placement to arrival, Adam & Eve Wichita decided to work more closely with the distributor in order to meet their needs.”

“When choosing a business partner, the owners had a set of criteria that needed to be met. They only deal with reputable, established and trustworthy companies and only buy the highest quality products that have been tried and tested to make customers happy. They also place importance on service and building relationships with their business partners.

“After talking with other Adam & Eve store owners and based on their previous fulfillment account experience, the Wichita Falls store decided to work with Eldorado in addition to their existing distributors and place orders. The primary factor for choosing Eldorado was the same-day shipping that expedited the turnaround time from ordering to delivery of product to their store."

The results appeased storeowners Shonda and Marcus Cleveland and Shona and Justin Jones, who said jointly, “Eldorado’s product selection is great. We were able to find new products through the website and emails that we ultimately picked up for our store and customers have loved.”

The owners also took advantage of Eldorado’s Elevate U e-learning program and commented, “We find it really is a program that can help set us apart from our competition and enable us to be a knowledgeable resource for our customers.”