Topco Releases 'Bottoms Up' Anal Lubes in Travel-Friendly Sizes

 Topco Releases 'Bottoms Up' Anal Lubes in Travel-Friendly Sizes

LOS ANGELES — Topco Sales is shipping the newly expanded Bottoms Up line of lubricants and enhancements made for “all things anal” in travel-friendly one-ounce bottles and a convenient four-piece “On the Go” set.

With a sleek packaging makeover and the addition of U.S.-made cosmetics, Bottoms Up has become a trusted name for better and safer anal sex with support tools and accessories to help retailers seal the deal, Topco Sales COO Autumn O’Bryan said.

She said that new to Bottoms Up are four specialty products made in Topco Sales’ California-based lab, each formulated to enhance anal play in their own way:

Bottoms Up Anal Comfort Lube features a thick water-based formula enriched with five percent lidocaine to gently numb the skin for comfortable entry and a satisfying experience, she said.

  • Bottoms Up Silicone Lube with Vitamin E is ideal for anal play. “This vegan-friendly, hypoallergenic formula has become a go-to for anal sex aficionados,” she said
  • Bottoms Up Hybrid Lube boasts a lush water-based and silicone-based blend that hybrid fans love for its long-lasting results, O’Bryan said. “Its thick texture is perfect for anal play and its unique paraben-free, glycerin-free, vegan blend stays smooth and slick,” she said.
  • Bottoms Up Anal Bleach, O’Bryan said, is formulated to gently and safely lighten the appearance of intimate skin without the harsh chemicals typically found in this category. “This unique product is made to be safe for use on genitals and delicate skin — even elbows and sun spots — and deliver noticeable results when used consistently over time,” she said.

“Bottoms Up has been beloved by customers and consumers for years and we have expanded the line to make it even more relevant to young, modern, and sex-positive users,” O’Bryan said.

“You can’t have safe or satisfying anal play without lubricants, which made the cosmetics a natural addition to grow the brand. The new look for Bottoms Up is clean and welcoming, and it displays beautifully and seamlessly cross-merchandises with any anal toy. Bottoms Up has always been a big seller and we anticipate even bigger numbers now that each item is officially shipping.”

Each formula is available in full-size and one-ounce bottles, as well as a convenient four-pack of 1-ounce bottles for safe and convenient travel or on-the-go anal fun.

“We know shoppers have choice when it comes to lubes and enhancements, which is why we made petite, travel-friendly one-ounce bottles perfect not only for portability, but also so consumers can try them all without committing to full-size bottles,” O’Bryan said.

In addition to the new additions, the full Bottoms Up line features new packaging with a clean and modern look that makes the anal plugs, cosmetics, and accessories perfect intro or beginner items for anal newcomers.

With a blue-to-white gradient color scheme, bold and eye-catching graphics, and clear usage instructions, Bottoms Up offers retailers a complete line of anal-focused products that appeal to shoppers of all experience and comfort levels, O’Bryan said.

Bottoms Up Hybrid and Silicone lubricants are available in 8.6-ounce bottles, while Anal Bleach and Anal Comfort Lube comes in 6.3-ounce bottles.

The full lines comes with marketing support, including shelf talkers to make in-store shopping fast and easy, O’Bryan said.

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