Advocate Declares Feelmore 'Coolest Sex Shop in America'

Advocate Declares Feelmore 'Coolest Sex Shop in America'

OAKLAND, Calif. — Feelmore Adult Gallery is being called “The Coolest Sex Shop in America” in the current issue of The Advocate magazine.

“Feelmore is the kind of place where you can buy a dildo while also getting a flu shot (in partnership with Walgreens), catch a comedy show, talk politics, or ask a sex worker secrets of the trade,” the article says. “Founded by Nenna Joiner (one of very few queer woman of color owners in the industry), Feelmore fosters a boutique feeling with carefully curated items tastefully displayed — without the gaudy XXX-rated imagery that dominates many adult products.”

To best reflect Feelmore’s diverse customers, Joiner says she chooses products with imagery that’s consistent with the boutique’s vision or removes it altogether. Feelmore also reflects diversity through unique art and products handpicked from around the world “that speak to our clients’ sensibilities,” Joiner says. 

While Feelmore offers education, Joiner says the boutique takes a different approach from traditional retailers.

“I was not going to be that sex store owner who went around teaching people how to find a G-spot,” Joiner told The Advocate. “Instead, my role is to encourage body-positivity and educate them on how to overcome their fears.”

In addition to having aspirations of opening a Feelmore location at an airport, Joiner also says she’s considering “tricking out a food truck to sell sex toys in a mobile storefront.”

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