Rodney Moore Offers 'I Survived a Rodney Blast 21'

CYBERSPACE — Rodney Moore has released “I Survived a Rodney Blast 21.”

“Over the last few decades, musician-cum-pornstar Rodney Moore has helped popularize POV scenes and facials in the adult industry,” said rep Eddie Wood. “Known for his signature facial pop shots, i.e. Rodney Blasts, from the beginning he has promised fans: ‘No one who loves facial cumshots will every be disappointed by a Rodney movie.’”

Moore explains why his signature move is so appealing to men: “Maybe it’s the intimacy of it, the man’s essence going into the woman’s mouth or on her face, the ultimate act of receiving. I don’t know exactly, but do think that I’m very much responsible for the trend towards almost 100 percent facials in porn today. However, there is only one ‘King of Cream.’”

Anastasia Rose has returned to the series and is accompanied by Zoe Clark, Sadie Grey and Rachel Lynn in her first-ever adult title. 

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