'Sluts and Scholars' Features Clitter Creator Veronica Moonhill

'Sluts and Scholars' Features Clitter Creator Veronica Moonhill

LOS ANGELES — Today on the sex-positive podcast “Sluts & Scholars,” co-hosts Nicoletta Heidegger and Simone chat with Clitter creator Veronica Moonhill about her popular crowdfunded “pussy-powered” confetti and her plans for the Senate floor.

“About six months ago I got married, and my lady crew threw me a full-on bachelorette party,” Moonhill said. “There we were, a bunch of fabulous women speaking our truths and drinking wine. When I looked up and realized we were surrounded by dicks: penis straws, penis lollipops, pin the junk on the hunk and of course penis confetti. I thought, ‘Why are a bunch of powerful ladies sitting around celebrating dicks? That’s insane! It's time we started celebrating VAGINAS.’”

Heidegger said, “This week we join the clitterati and get on board with the newest glitter sensation: Clitter. This pussy-powered confetti will soon be taking over the Senate floor, literally. Tune in to hear about the creation of this amazing product and the gendering in our culture. Also get inspired to start drawing vulvas on people’s dirty cars.” 

Clitter is now available for pre-order at ClitterParty.com.

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