The Stockroom, Syren Latex Store Relocates

The Stockroom, Syren Latex Store Relocates
Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — The Stockroom and Syren Latex store has moved into its new permanent location with a soft opening today, now located at 1769 Glendale Blvd.

Previously located at 2121 Sunset Blvd., the world-famous BDSM and fetish store has relocated into a renovated building located on the corner of Glendale Boulevard and Branden Street. The new establishment is smaller than the 2121 Sunset Blvd. location, the company says, adding that it will provides the intimate feel of the original store along with space for classes and free parking for customers.

“It’s always been a priority of mine that The Stockroom has an intimate feel to it,” The Stockroom owner and CEO Joel Tucker said. “Our store is a safe-haven and an educational space for kinksters across the spectrum, and we’re here to welcome everyone with open arms.”

The Stockroom’s new space was once an auto garage in a residential area that has since been remodeled.

“This location was absolutely perfect for us — considering its past as a trusted hometown, mom and pop auto shop — and we wanted to build off of that spirit while incorporating who we are and what we represent — all-the-while making sure we honor and respect the surrounding residential neighborhood,” Tucker adds.

The new location has space for a cafe and restaurant next door.

“Joel had all of these innovative ideas on where — and how — to set up shop, but without losing Stockroom’s grassroots,” The Stockroom Creative Director Joey Sanchez said. “It was also vital to Joel that while he wanted the shop to look and feel inviting, he also wanted to show our neighbors that we hold our surrounding community in high regards. I was excited to bring that vision to life.”

The Stockroom is widely known as the first notable store of its kind. Founded in 1988 while CEO Joel Tucker was studying at Occidental College, The Stockroom has designed and sold high-quality BDSM gear, bondage restraints, and adult toys online since 1990. In 2006, The Stockroom acquired Syren Latex: a premier maker of latex clothing, fashion, and custom originals that provides designs for both the runway and silver screen. In 2007, Tucker acquired Stormy Leather, a leading manufacturer and retailer of distinctive fetish clothing and toys since 1983.