Sunny Rodgers Brings Sexual Wellness, Pipedream to Students in L.A., N.Y.

Sunny Rodgers Brings Sexual Wellness, Pipedream to Students in L.A., N.Y.

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Sunny Rodgers, Pipedream Products’ resident sexologist, has become a regular lecturer at the Couples and Sex Therapy Training Program within UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, where she recently shared some of Pipedream’s latest creations with medical and psychiatric students.

“I enjoy being able to share the wide-ranging sexual health and wellness benefits of our pleasure products and am thrilled that their value is being recognized by the mainstream educational systems and medical and psychiatric fields,” said Rodgers, who recently added certified sex educator to her impressive list of certifications.

UCLA and select high schools in New York City learned about the new Fantasy For Her Kegel Train-Her Set, which can help women with urinary incontinence and rebuild vaginal strength after childbirth, as well as the medical benefits of prostate massage using products from the Anal Fantasy Elite Collection.

“I could see perceptions change right before my eyes as I explained how beneficial the Kegel Train-Hers are,” Rodgers said. “That’s why I feel it’s so important to continue to offer ongoing pleasure product education at multiple venues. Our products are so much more than just sex toys. Sexual health and pleasure can be intertwined.”

The Jimmyjane PURE UV Sanitizing Mood Light was also featured in the lecture for its UV-C sanitizing process, which takes 10 minutes and is scientifically proven to sanitize vibrators better than any other method.

The intensive lecture series is overseen by the American Association of Couples and Sex Therapists (AACAST), an organization dedicated to the education, training, promotion, and expansion of integrated skills and knowledge for couples and sex therapy.

“As always, Sunny was awesome and the students loved her,” said Dr. Wendy Cherry, Co-Director of the Couples and Sex Therapy Training Program and Co-Founder of AACAST. “We are very pleased that she continues to lecture for us. The information she shares is valuable to our program.”

In New York City, certain high schools will also be utilizing Pipedream’s King Cock Uncut collection to discuss circumcision, which has been in decline since the mid-1970s.