Warm Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine's April Issue

Warm Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine's April Issue

LOS ANGELES — Warm, the maker of luxury heat-based and sensual bedroom accessories, is featured in the April issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in a piece titled "It’s Getting Hot in Here."

Cindi Buxton, a naturopathic physician in Seattle, is quoted in Cosmo explaining that experiencing anything chilly during intimacy restricts blood flow thus stalling orgasms.

Buxton says that heat is proven to increase blood flow and excite nerves endings therefore “#WarmFeelsGood is spot-on for spicing up sexy times, and using warmed toys is a great way to heighten sensations and orgasm enjoyment.”

Janine, the co-founder known as "Ms. Warm," said: "We are beyond honored to have Warm featured in Cosmopolitan. It is a recognized milestone as a manufacturer, expressing there is definite buzz happening for consumers around the product you have to offer.”

“Heat is absolutely a powerful component of pleasure. As a co-founder of Warm, it is also gratifying to see the valuable role warmth plays in intimacy validated by such an iconic magazine as well as a physician," Ms. Warm said.

The April 2018 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine is on newsstands now.

For additional product information, visit ExperienceWarm.com.

Warm is available through Entrenue.com